A friendly face in the floral department will make your bottom line smile. A bit of conversation, an answer to a question, a sales suggestion: these are the tools that build the sales of a department. Your customer trusts the person that stands behind the product.

Too often valuable sales opportunities are missed because the floral staff is in the back room processing flowers. Donít make this mistake. Our "Vase-Ready BouquetsTM" allow your staff to maximize their time with customers.

New hires for this position should have a floral background. It is essential that there is always a trained backup for the primary floral person and that the managers involved in floral have equal training and knowledge. A sign that identifies the hours and services and directs customers where to find assistance if the department is unattended should be posted.

We train store personnel and managers at your location and also at our facility. This enables your management team to learn our approach to the floral business, which will enable them to oversee their own department more effectively. We believe that processing flowers at the store level is both counter-productive and too labor intensive to produce a reliable profit margin. The focus of your floral representative should be selling, ordering and merchandising the display.

Clean displays sell flowers. Proper floral hygiene requires re-cutting stems every 2-3 days, thoroughly cleaning containers and changing water a minimum of once a week. We also recommend the use of T-Bags, a level 2 preservative designed to improve hydration and inhibit bacteria. Diligence in this area will significantly reduce shrink, improve shelf life and increase sales.

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