Buying the right amounts of the right items is the key to your success. With ASA, you will have a personal sales representative to guide you in your selection of our customized bouquets, consumer bunches and proven best sellers, as well as introduce you to new items. We will help you make the right choice comfortably, with your financial well being in mind.

Purchasing must be done at the store level. When personnel are properly trained, the floral department will have the ability to monitor individual item sales and trends in real time (that is, not after your central buyer notices a product is not selling). ASA will guide you away from this common costly mistake. An "oops" in this area can equate to considerable lost profits.

Overbuying can cause a display to have a "tired product" look. Spreading out your purchases and stocking for peak periods, such as weekends, minimizes shrink and maximizes sales. We deliver three to five times a week based on the merits of need and location.

When you order online at, you not only get the latest information on price and availability, you also benefit from our online tracking system that creates a master order history for your store. With this information, you can easily develop and implement a weekly budget. Projecting holiday sales, which are at least double a normal week, can be based on this history once you have built a year’s worth of data with ASA. This makes a strong case for limiting your number of vendors.

Pre-booking large quantities of in-demand flowers can increase your sales and build regular clientele. Our standing order program is designed to keep your store stocked with a consistent flow of the core flowers your customers expect. Pre-negotiated special packs featuring specific color selections and specifications are designated for you.

We offer deeper discounted prices for volume seasonal products such as box lots or grower bunches which you can promote in your ongoing print ads or feature as an in-store special.

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