ASA Floral produces hand-tied, vase ready floral bouquets as well as supplying a full line of quality fresh floral products. We’ve been supplying beautifully arranged floral bouquets to California grocers since 1985, when selling flowers in a grocery store was a new idea. Since those early days, the company has established a solid reputation as a leader in floral bouquet design, highly successful merchandising support, friendly customer service, and as a consistent supplier of quality fresh flowers. Our bouquet "recipes" are developed thoughtfully and carefully, giving priority to originality, harmony of product, and top quality.

The goal of ASA Floral is to provide you as our customer with the products, tools and services necessary to maximize the profitability of your floral department. In fact, we guarantee that if you follow our proven merchandising program, you’ll realize increased floral profits of 50 - 100% or more after just three months! You have worked hard to make your store special and attractive, in order to keep your customers returning.  We will help you achieve that goal by ensuring that your store becomes the place "first thought of for flowers."  Call us today to arrange for our floral merchandiser to visit you in your store.  We will work with you to define a long-term program that will realize your vision for a successful floral department.

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